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A portrait of Kevin Bacon made out of… bacon. Via

Great song by Tame Impala and even greater video made by Becky and Joe. The video is made up from over a thousand separate plasticine collages, each collage made by hand. Via

Weapon of Mass Creativity. Via

Yesterday I came across this section of the Dutch tv show Man Bijt Hond called ‘doe maar gewoon’ (just act normal). I’m guessing it’s a sincere attempt by Mickel Reemer (40) and his wife Leanne (31) to offer immigrants some help in understanding typical Dutch manners and traditions. However, the way Mickel reads his auto cue, the crappy way of acting, and the awkward situations combine to create hilarious scenes that even the best professional comedy writers would and should envy. I’m convinced that Mickel and Leanne have meme potential. Also, check out these Dutch language courses on YouTube if you want to see more of Mickel’s work. It’s brilliant.

Sometimes, when I see such scenes, I genuinely wonder if there are more people out there, somewhere, who think this is all kinds of wrong.

Yet again, awesome work by Mike Mitchell.

This is a collage I created using the ixxi wall art generator. With ixxi you can create your own custom wall art in various shapes and sizes. Upload your favorite images or choose an image from the ixxi image databases. Check out these examples from the ixxi inspiration gallery.

In this particular case, I selected images from the open gallery of the Rijksmuseum. The recently heavily renovated Rijksmuseum has digitalized 125.000 master pieces from its famous collection. Simply open up a free account and you have unlimited access to the works of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Vermeer, and many others, all in high-res.

For my own ixxi, I specifically searched for paintings featuring clear skies and puffy clouds. I then cut out area’s from these paintings and brought them together as a durable whole, which I named ‘Dutch Skies’. The ixxi is currently in production and when it’s up on the wall I will post a pic here.

These paintings by Aaron Jasinski are mind boggling. And I mean that is the most positive way imaginable. How I wish I could hang one of his pieces on my wall so I could enjoy it every day.

These are two drawings of the Great Church (Grote Kerk) in the city of Breda, drawn in the sixties by my great grand father. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to meet the guy but I like to believe that I inherited some of his love for illustrating and sketching. What makes these drawings special on a personal level, is that Breda is my home town for six years now.

The two drawings shown here are scans of the originals, which are now both in my possession after being handed down to me by my uncle who lives in Switzerland. I have remastered them both digitally in Photoshop because the originals have endured the ravages of time quite severely. I’m thinking about framing them and giving them a nice spot at home.